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June 14, 2013
We are entering a season of great drama-of change and development of various
aspects of Kingdom  living and Kingdom responsibility by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Lord explains...


For I shall challenge you, My people, to a walk that will be a big step for some. 
This walk with Me will have some who will say they are as a blindfolded man, walking
by personal direction of the Lord, not by natural observation of the path before them 
nor even by understanding the full purpose of the work they are called to do.



I shall challenge those who are ready to walk in obedience, when, often, 
the natural thoughts would dictate otherwise. Truly, have I not said: 
"The flesh wars with the Spirit"?



I have strong purpose for many individuals and some groups as I reach into 
the hearts of those who are unaware of the love I have for them.
I reach into the hearts of those who are sinking in despair; I bring a ray of hope,
a pathway opening before them, a reason to "be" and a way to accomplish in a realm
of power they have not understood.



My teachers shall find new avenues of expression and much delight shall be seen 
in the students who desire to mature in My Ways.
Praise shall crescendo amongst worshippers. The enemy shall flee in terror. 
The Word shall overcome the enemy and his defeat shall be noticeable.
Expect miracles! Delight in revelation coming to seekers, and expect that 
which man has seldom observed to be obvious as eyes are opened by the 
Spirit to motives and intents.



Several large ministries will be challenged and integrity will be restored
to those works whose people return to the Word and heart of the Living God.


Given to Jeanne Allen-- June 14, 2013