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 I am making a new thrust of power in this nation. I shall arise in areas one wouldn't expect in the natural.            I shall heal and set free many. There will be miraculous deliverances from bondages of several types. 

I am about to undo yokes of darkness that have deluded many called to My work. They chose a season of dark activities because of the enemy influences that have clouded My pure work and word in their lives.

Expect an arising of those who have been set free from delusions that were produced by drug hazes and the lying spirits released by the enemy as he hates truth and sobriety.

My people shall overcome and set aright institutions as individuals are convicted of sin, and, in repentance, shall move on to the path of power in My name ( for which they were designed and designated before the foundation of the earth.)

Smile, the undoing of the enemy bondages will be sweet with joy!)


Given to Jeanne Allen-- September 12, 2014